School of Medicine

Department of Special Surgery


On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Special Surgery at University of <br> <br>Jordan, I would like to welcome you to be a member of the faculty staff or trainee at <br> <br>our department. <br> <br>&nbsp;Our Department is a dynamic well established department since 1978 with an <br> <br>energetic faculty, outstanding residents and fellows, highly skilled technical and <br> <br>administrative staff. <br> <br>The Department takes pride in consistently targeting excellence in clinical care, <br> <br>teaching and research as its top priorities. <br> <br>The Department is organized into divisions of Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery, <br> <br>Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, and ENT. <br> <br>Many of our Faculty is nationally and internationally acknowledged as experts in <br> <br>their area of specialty interest with widely recognized contributions to clinical care, <br> <br>and education of trainees. <br> <br>We currently have 22 full-time clinical staff (Professor, Associate Professor, <br> <br>and Assisstant professors). <br> <br>Our residency training program in different divisions of the department is considered <br> <br>to be one of the best in Jordan. <br> <br>Admission to the program is highly competitive with a large number of applicants <br> <br>considered for residency positions each year. <br> <br>Our medical students teaching and training in different divisions of the department is <br> <br>the most popular in our School of Medicine. <br> <br>Our faculty serve as invited speakers and visiting professors at numerous national and <br> <br>international conferences and facilities each year. <br> <br>We are committed to creating the finest resident educational program in Jordan. <br> <br>Our ultimate goal is focused on the production of an excellent surgeons as well as <br> <br>knowlegable medical students in the different divisions of the department, who can <br> <br>enhance the quality of lives of their patients....More