Department's Courses
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Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Behavioral SciencesDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
Behavioral Sciences.pdf    
DermatologyDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
SM dermatology.pdf    
Dermatology For 5th Year Medical Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
SM dermatology.pdf    
Internal medicine for dental studentsDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
medcine for Denta syllabus.pdf    
Introduction to clinical medicine and medical ethicsDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
Introduction to clinical.pdf    
Introductory course to clinical medicine andDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
0500401Introduction to clinical Medicine and Medical Ethics.pdf    
Medicine 1Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
medicine 1.pdf    
Medicine 2Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
medicine 2.pdf    
neurosicenc- neurology.pdf    
PsychiatryDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
Selective medicine Clinical Psychiatry.pdf    
Selective medicine/ Clinical PsychiatryDoctor of Medicine (M.D)
selectuive medical specialities (4) physicatry.pdf    

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