The Student Ali Abualhayja'a from school of Medicine/ University of Jordan published an article in International Journal of Medical Students.

Student Ali Abualhayja'a from school of Medicine published the article which titled "Sixth Class Students' Performance and Confidence Levels Before and After Training in Clinical Skills Laboratories" in the International Journal of Medical Students which considered number one journal for medical students.
The article talked about the importance of training the medical students some procedural skills in Clinical Skills Laboratory such as: suture practice, intravenous (IV) access, intramuscular (IM) injection, Nasogastric tube placement and other skills. This is done by asking the participants to evaluate themselves in performing the selected skills in grade from (1 -10) before and after training for the reason of comparisons. The results showed that the performance and confidence levels were significantly increased after training so that this can have positive effect while performing these skills on real patients.
The abstract of this article was presented in "The Third International Conference for the School of Medicine, the University of Jordan; The 8th international Conference for Scientific Society for Arab Faculties of Medicine"
Ali Abualhayja'a and his research teamwork would like to expand their gratitude to Prof. Orhan Alimoglu and the school of medicine who made their endeavor possible with their continuous support and guidance.

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