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The Faculty of Medicine is to be an international center of academic excellence – contributing to the development of health sciences, and distinguishing itself on the basis of the quality of both its graduates and research, and the relevance of its training programs to national and global needs.

To provide society with qualified physicians capable of delivering quality healthcare services nationally, regionally, and internationally; of pursuing specialized higher studies; of engaging in scientific research; and of interacting with the world medical community.


The Faculty of Medicine seeks to:

1. Graduate physicians mastering the fundamental medical knowledge and skills necessary for practicing the medical profession in accordance with the best international standards.

2. Graduate competent physicians capable of self-learning and professional development.

3. Endow the students with humane feelings and a sense of responsibility toward the patient and society.

4. Develop communication and leadership skills in the Faculty of Medicine’s students, professors, and administrative staff.

5. Foster the sense of professional, national, and moral responsibility among students and staff.

6. Upgrade the know-how and skills, academically and professionally, of all faculty members and human resources in the Faculty.

7. Enhance the capacity for scientific research for the purpose of meeting the needs of the local, regional, and global communities.

8. Contribute to developing medical education and healthcare both nationally and regionally.

9. Achieve professional and academic distinction through adopting quality concepts and standards.

10. Introduce training programs catering to local needs in light of international developments.

11. Boost community health awareness through healthcare and health education programs.

12. Continually develop curricula and teaching/learning pedagogies in light of recent international developments.