Master in Medical Laboratory Sciences / Program Intended Learning Outcomes


1.    It is expected that the program will provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and other properties in the following fields:
2.    Use advanced knowledge and technology in Microbiology, Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Molecular Biology, to implement various types of diagnostics in the Clinical Laboratories.
3.    Analyze professionally patients’ samples using a full range of testing in the contemporary Clinical Laboratory which include: chemical, hematological, immunological, and microbiological procedures.
4.    Think critically, interpret and analyze results, and solve problems in the Clinical Laboratories.
5.    Collect effectively epidemiological related data to investigate potential microbial epidemics.
6.    Use appropriate technology in laboratories to monitor biomedical product contamination.
7.    Design and carry out a scientific research projects and produce well-constructed and organized scientific papers or thesis in the field of medical laboratory sciences.
8.    Apply safety and governmental regulations and standards as applied to the Clinical Laboratory practice.
9.    Utilize ethical responsibility to preserve patient confidentiality and privacy and ensure accurate and ethical patient data transfer.
10.  Show commitment and interest in continued education, teamwork, and implementation of the standards of quality assurance in different disciplines of the Clinical Laboratories.
11.  Communicate effectively and present seminars to professional standards and prepare and carry out teaching sessions to both small and large groups of students.