Strategy of Physiology and Biochemistry Department

5/10/2012 1:08 PM
          To be committed to excellence in physiology and biochemistry education as well as outstanding research. The department is determined to expand and promote the intellectual abilities of medical health professionals by providing excellent up to date medical knowledge and skills necessary for practicing the medical profession in accordance with the best international standards
5/10/2012 1:09 PM
          In accord with the mission of Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan, the department of physiology and biochemistry is committed to teaching physiology and biochemistry courses for medical and other health sciences professional students. The department will focus on research activities that contribute to the development of health sciences and solve health problems related to our community at large.
7/24/2012 11:20 AM
1. Teach physiology and biochemistry to our students in the best available  methods of teaching, provide them with the up-to-date knowledge and
 use the best methods for evaluation.
2. Integrate the medical applications of physiology and biochemistry to the
 theoretical sciences we teach.
3. Allow students to be active parts in ongoing research in our department
4. Spare some time for faculty development and research and make the best 
 use of the available recourses  in the school as well as in the university.
5. Make connections with international institutions to get the best available
 support we can get academically and financially for our programs

School of Medicine
Department of Physiology and Biochemistry


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