Strategy of Special Surgery Department

6/5/2012 11:56 AM
The Department of Special Surgery of the University of Jordan at Faculty of Medicine and Jordan University Hospital:  shall be the leading unit of excellence in the field of different surgical subspecialties responsive to the needs of the Jordanian people.
6/5/2012 11:57 AM
Our mission is to be an outstanding teaching and research pole, educating for life and addressing the challenges facing our society.

We aim at achieving excellence in:

1. Professional education including undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education, along with patient and community education. (Teach undergraduate and postgraduate students' special surgery to become competent, humane and ethical health professionals, educators, researchers and leaders.)

2. Scientific research and publishing of data.
We are committed to academic freedom, critical scholarship, rational and creative thought and free inquiry.

It is part of our mission to ensure that these ideals live; this necessarily requires a dynamic process of finding the balance in a range of choices: choices between freedom and responsibility, rights and obligations, transparency and efficiency, and autonomy and accountability.

This, according to our vision and firm belief, can be achieved through consultation and debate.

3- Nurture our faculty and employee to become highly motivated, competent and committed.
4- Practice governance that is transparent and participatory.
We believe in the values of academic excellence, professionalism, social responsibility and accountability, compassion, leadership, integrity and nationalism.
7/11/2012 12:32 PM
A. General Objective:
To strive for excellence, leadership, and recognition in the special surgery in the
service of the Jordanian people.
B. Specific goals and objectives:
To constantly upgrade training program for residents and sudents.
= To develop a competent, committed, compassionate and motivated core faculty by
continuous training of the faculty introduction of values education and formation to
faculty, and improve the teaching skills of the faculty.
= To maintain, replace and acquire additional physical facilities; equipment and
resources to meet the training and service needs of the department
= Promote and develop relevant researches for the advancement of the field of
special surgery
The Department of Special Surgery is committed to provide safe, appropriate and
adequate surgical treatments to patients under its care. 
The staff members are continuously acquiring new skills, employing improved
techniques and innovating procedures which would mean better patient care and
prolongation of life.
The Department of Special Surgery has contributed significantly in the development
of Surgery in Jordan proven by the numerous milestone operations performed at the
Jordan University Hospital.

School of Medicine
Department of Special Surgery


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