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  • 16 - Jan
  • 2024

Artificial intelligence and medical specialties workshop.

On Saturday, January 6, 2024, a workshop was held at the College of Medicine on artificial intelligence and medical specialties.
The college hosted Dr. Musa Al-Akhras and Dr. Muhammad Abu Sharia from King Abdullah II College of Information Technology.

The workshop included discussing the uses of artificial intelligence in the medical field and introducing students to the latest developments in this field and their implications for scientific research. This activity comes in line with the university’s directions to enhance the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

The meeting was attended by Professor Dr. Amira Al-Masry, Dean of Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Mamoun Ahram, Dr. Ibrahim Qadisat, Dr. Diala Abu Hassan, and Dr. Alaa Matalqa.

This meeting was held under the supervision of Dr. Maram Abdaljaleel , Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and with the participation of students Leen Qutb, Jihad Yassin, Qusay Al-Atoum, and Laith Al-Majali.

Assistant Dean for student affairs office​