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  • 11 - Feb
  • 2024

Research craft

Under the patronage of Professor Dr.Yaser Al-Rayyan, Dean of the College of Medicine, and under the supervision of Dr.Maram Abdaljaleel, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and in cooperation with the Research Office, a two-day training workshop on scientific research was held, which achieved great success and significant benefit among the participating students. Seven lecturers,including faculty and students at the college, participated in the workshop, while a team of medical students from various academic years organized and implemented the activities with high efficiency. With this joint effort, another science candle was lit in the process of developing scientific research at the College of Medicine.

Names of lecturers:

Dr. Laila Tutanji : introduction to research and PICO model

Dr. Diala Abu-Hassan: Research ethics

Dr. Fatima Daoud: Real research presentation and critical appraisal

Dr. Hamza Alduraidi: introduction to biostatistics and data analysis


Dr. Mohammad Abufaraj: Scientific writing and publishing

Mr. Jehad Yasin: Research protocol and survey research design

Mr. Rashad Al-Shara: Systematic review, literature review and data collection

Organizers as they are members of the International Federation of medical Students Association in the University of Jordan.

Qusai Otoum, Laith Kreshan, Emad Al-Shudifat, Raneem Al-Dalaeen, Mira'alnaser Khashman, Hamza Abu-Farsakh, Rand Basyouni, Jehad Yasin, Morad Abbas, Rahmeh Al-Asmar, Yousef Ateiwi, Fares Qtaishat, Younes Hamam, Laith Al-Majali.