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  • 02 - Apr
  • 2024

A Health Awareness Event Held by Students of the School Of Medicine

During World Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and under the guidance of Professor Yasser Al-Rayyan, Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan, an awareness campaign on colon cancer was held at the Specialty Hospital on 26- 3-2024  by students from the University of Jordan School of Medicine from  the UJ-GIG team which focuses on gastroenterology   . This event was supervised by Dr. Fidaa Thekrallah, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the Clinical Years and Graduates, with contribution of Dr. Fareed Khudair ,a pediatric gastroenterologist at University of Jordan Hospital ,and the precipitation  of Dr. Hani Al-Kurdi, Dr. Saleh Al-Araj, Dr. Mahmoud Zariq, and Dr. Mohammed Siddiqi from Specialty Hospital.During the event Dr. Fareed stressed the significance of such awareness initiatives in educating hospital visitors and the local community about colon cancer, a prevalent global cancer, underlining the importance of early screening.  Dr. Saleh Al-Araj from Specialty Hospital emphasized the ongoing collaboration between the School of Medicine and the Specialty Hospital in fostering health awareness in the local community through interactive events, praising the UJ-GIG student team as a pioneering effort in the Kingdom.The students provided a simplified overview of colon cancer, supported by informational flyers crafted by the students with guidance from the Faculty of Medicine's gastroenterology department. The UJ-GIG team highlighted the necessity for a national colon cancer screening program to detect cases early, even in asymptomatic individuals, to improve recovery chances.

This initiative came within the goals and objectives of the University of Jordan and the School of Medicine in building influential and sustainable partnerships, serving the local community, and promoting the concepts of health awareness, preventive medicine, and disease prevention. The students, Ahmed Al-Hajj, Abdullah Al-Khamaysa, Ayham Al-Kurdi, Yazid Al-Ajlouni, Muhammad Qarqish, and Abdullah Abu Hussein participated in the event.



Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the Clinical Years and Graduates


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