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  • 23 - Jun
  • 2024

The School of Medicine holds academic and career guidance meetings for students

Two academic meetings were held for students within the academic and career advisory program:

Student's Mentorship Program


"Job Opportunities in the USA after Specialization "

"How to Prepare for The Clinical Years"

  On Sunday, 23-6-2024.

The two lectures were presented by Dr. Amr Qudimat, Adjunct Professor at the School  of Medicine ,the University of Jordan and Assistant Professor in the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cell Therapy, St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital, USA.

The first lecture included a detailed presentation on job opportunities and aspects of professional life and living in the United States in general, in addition to addressing some of the challenges facing students and graduates during the course of preparation for specialization in the United States. Then an interactive dialogue took place between the students and Dr. Qudimat in which he answered the questions and interventions of the audience.

The second lecture focused on the readiness of the basic years students to join the clinical years  of the Doctor of Medicine program and included a presentation on how to prepare for the transition to the clinical years, and tips for solving the mechanism and timing of engaging in research work and emphasizing its importance, and talked with students about the importance of organizing time in a balanced manner between study, research and volunteer work and preparing for practice exams outside Jordan for those interested in that. Dr. Amr provided the students with a list of internationally approved and proposed study resources for the International Practice exams. In the last part of the meeting, the lecturer answered the students' questions and inquiries during a constructive interactive dialogue.

It is worth noting that the event was held under the supervision of the Office of Quality and Communication Affairs and the Academic Advising Committee, and students from the Quality Assurance Committee coordinated and followed up during the event (Ahmed Al-Hajj, Ayham Al-Kurdi, Rashid Al-Hajaya and Laith Theeb, representative of students in the clinical stage).


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