School of Medicine at the University of Jordan begins the path of obtaining the American accreditation in higher specialization programs (ACGME)


​University of Jordan News - Fadia Al-Otaibi - ACGME team visited the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan, to see the academic programs that they offer, in preparation for American accreditation in higher specialization programs.

The dean of the School, Prof. Islam Massad, said that the delegation’s visit came at the invitation of the dean to find out the mechanisms that the college pursues in teaching and training students of high specialization in medicine, noting that the delegation conducted an evaluation on the scientific method used in teaching, the work environment, and acquired skills, and also provides educational resources.

He added that the visit and its results will constitute a road map for the school to improve the quality of education and training in it and achieve its goal and obtain accreditation, stressing that the college and the efforts of its academic and administrative staff have never hesitated to seek and compete in recording any scientific precedent added to its balance, noting it transcends the dread barrier that separates it from reaching any advanced rank in the global ladder.

Massad emphasized that the college has achieved fingerprints and scientific achievements until it was distinguished, most notably its permanent access to local accreditation at the local level, and its graduates obtaining the best results in university proficiency exams and foreign exams, indicating its uniqueness as the first school outside the United States of America to obtain international accreditation (ACCM) accredited From the World Medical Education Organization (WFME).

During the visit, the group, accompanied by the Vice Dean for School's Affairs, Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Manar Al Lawama, on the various facilities of the college and university hospital departments, where a number of meetings were held with the hospital administration, faculty members and students, to acquaint them with the purpose of their visit and see the latest developments in the field Reliability.

The visit ended with the meeting of the university president, Prof. Abdel Karim Al-Qudah, and the delegation of accreditation, in the presence of Massad and Al-Lawama, and Dr. Israa Al-Zaghoul from the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center at the university, during which the judges welcomed the delegation, stressing that the School of Medicine will always continue the path of progress that it started according to the foundations Correct and thoughtful.

The visiting group praised the college’s ambitions and the position it assumed after it had made great strides in the process of achievement and excellence, expressing optimism in achieving the reliability.

In turn, the delegation expressed its preliminary remarks and it came positive about the reality of the college and its academic programs, praising the advanced level it has reached among its counterparts and the quality and efficiency of educational programs in it, and appreciated the cooperation of its cadres in providing everything necessary to facilitate their mission during the visit.

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School of Medicine

"The School of medicine is the first medical school in Jordan. We are looking forward to being the first and most distinguished in the region."