A delegation from School of medicine visits PE’CS University –Hungary


As part of the efforts of the University of Jordan in promoting international cooperation and communication, a delegation from the Faculty of Medicine paid an official visit to PE'CS University – School of Medicine in response to the invitation addressed to the Faculty of Medicine – University of Jordan from the Hungarian University, where the host university had previously sent a delegation to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan that included a group of experts in the field of public health and refugee health from the University in May of 2022 in coordination with the Presidency of the University of Jordan and the Office of International Relations. During the former visit and over the course of two weeks, the members of the Hungarian delegation held a number of valuable training workshops in the field of mental health, psychological support, and community health during the waves of migration in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at the University in which a group of students and professors from the medical faculties at the University of Jordan participated, including students of the Faculty of Medicine in clinical years, graduate students in public health, in addition to students of the Faculty of Nursing.

The exchange of formal visits between delegations from the  School of Medicine at the University of Jordan and the  Hungarian University of P'ECS came in furtherance of the efforts University of Jordan administration  to activate scientific and academic cooperation in the fields of enhancing the capabilities and skills of students and providing them with distinguished learning experiences, through the exchange of science and knowledge with prestigious regional and international higher education institutions.

The program of Jordanian Delegation visit included:

  • A Meeting between the members of the delegation with the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of (PE'CS): He gave a brief overview of the history of the Faculty of Medicine and the University of PE'CS which recently celebrated the sixth centenary of its establishment, and gave a presentation on the achievements of the college and the services provided by the different departments and the activities of the college in the field of international cooperation .
  •  A panel discussion on ways of cooperation between the two universities and work to prepare for the signing of a joint cooperation agreement between the University of Jordan and the University of (PECS), which includes an exchange process for students and faculty members for undergraduate and graduate programs and ways to benefit from the grants provided by the European Erasmus Initiative within this framework.

  •  A scientific workshop held by members of the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of PECS .This Panel discussion was moderated by Professor of Public Health and Migration medicine Dr  Istevan Esler ,Head of the Chair of Migration health .The panel discussed  various topics related to the health of immigrants from the medical, epidemiological, therapeutic and psychological aspects, The workshop included remarks and comments from the members of the Jordanian delegation  on the topics raised.

  • A presentation to display all different academic programs (compulsory and elective) offered by the Department of Public Health at the University of (PE'CS ) to students at different academic levels: bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs. Presented by Dr. Erica Marek .

  • Lecture on the situation of expatriate refugees in Jordan (historical, medical, social and research profile) delivered by Dr. Hamza Al-Dridi from the Jordanian delegation attended by number of professors and students from the host university.

  • An open meeting between the delegation and faculty members in the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine – University of PECS .The meeting included a briefing by each of the faculty members on the different research activities of each of them, which include various topics related to public health, occupational health, environmental health, refugee health, children's health, mental health of medical students, and epidemic and non-epidemic community diseases,  and other health topics. This meeting was moderated by Professor Istevan Kiss ,head of department of Public Health .

  • A Tour by the delegation to the Skill LAB Medical Laboratories at The University of PECS.

The delegation from the Faculty of Medicine included: Prof. Dr. Madi Al-Jaghbeer / Department of Community Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Fidaa Dhikrallah / Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Clinical Training, Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh / Assistant Dean for Communication and Accreditation Affairs, Dr. Raed Al-Taher / Assistant Dean for Development, Mr. Mohammed AL-Bataina / Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Mrs. Haifa Al-Mahasna / Assistant Dean for Student Guidance. And  from the Faculty of Nursing Dr. Hamza Al-Dridi.

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