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  Department of Family and Community Medicine


The Department of Community Medicine was established in the year 1975 as one of the basic departments of the faculty of medicine . In the year 1994 the family medicine programme was established as one of the activities of the department of community medicine. This activity was further expanded and became one of the clinical departments of Jordan University Hospital. From an academic perspective , this activity was joined to community medicine in one department which is the Department of Family and Community Medicine . The department teaches courses to second and third year medical students in the field of public health ( epidemiology , biostatistics , environmental health, occupational health, maternal and child health and health care management. A master programme in Public health was established in the year 2000 where about 60 students from various health sectors including Ministry of health, private sector and UNRWA graduate up till now . The Department of Family and Community Medicine focuses on dealing with health, social and environmental problems facing the Jordanian society . Members of the department, in collaboration with other departments including clinical departments , direct the majority of their activities towards studying these problems and their causes as well as providing suggested solutions with the involved local authorities. The department currently includes 10 staff members : 4 professors , 3 Associate professors, , 1 lecturer , 2 teaching assistants ,