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  • 25 - Mar
  • 2023

The Dean holds a meeting with accredited lecturers from the Royal Medical Services and the Ministry of Health

Professor Yasser Al Rayan , Dean of the School of Medicine, held a meeting with part-time lecturers accredited for clinical training in each of the Royal Medical Services and Al-Bashir Hospital - Ministry of Health on Sunday 3-19-2023. This is within the efforts of the School of Medicine to follow up the clinical training process for students in accredited centers to enhance communication with supervisors and for the purposes of development and improvement based on feedback and observations by students and clinical trainer.These meetings were coordinated by the Office of the Assistant Dean for Clinical Training Affairs, and two independent meetings were held with each of the trainers from the Royal Medical Services and Al-Bashir Hospital.

The Dean welcomed the doctors accredited by the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services, and praised the distinguished efforts made by the colleagues supervising the training of students in these centers and the long-standing academic and professional relations that unite the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan with these prestigious national health centers.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Yasser Al-Rayyan, Dean of the SOM, and was attended by Dr. Fida Thekrallah, Assistant Dean for Clinical Training Affairs, and Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh, Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs, and representatives of the clinical departments of the main specialties, Prof. Asmaa Al-Basha, Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Dr. Hussam Al-Houri, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. Abeer Al-Assaf, Head of the Pediatrics Department. It was also attended by the clinical training coordinators in the departments: Dr. Muntaha Al-Eidi, Dr. Nadia Khamis, Dr. Firas Al-Fararjeh, Dr. Laith Al-Shobaki, Dr. Muhammad Al-Zoubi, and Dr. Khaled Dararkeh.

The meeting was attended by representatives from  the Royal Medical Services: Brigadier General Dr. Faten Al-Awaisha, representing the Pediatric Department, Brigadier General Dr. Ahmed Al-Raimouni, representing the General Surgery Department, Colonel Dr. Basil Al-Khraisat, representing the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, and Colonel Dr. Asila Burqan, representing the Internal Medicine Department.

As a representative of Al-Bashir Hospitals, the meeting was attended by: Dr. Bishara Al-Baqain, representative of the Internal Medicine Department, Dr. Omar Abu Sharia, representative of the Children's Department, and Dr. Catherine Qandah, representative of the Internal Diseases Department.

During the meeting, the Dean presented and discussed the students' feedback and observations that were documented by the Quality and Communication Affairs Office and the Clinical Training Office in the SOM  through the approved measurement tools represented in the satisfaction questionnaires for clinical training in the various centers in addition to direct communication with the students. Observations of accredited physicians from external centers were listened to, followed by a discussion of future improvement plans in some aspects. Both sides expressed the importance of these meetings and the intention to hold future meetings to follow up on the improvement plan achieved.


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