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  • 24 - May
  • 2023

The first joint cooperation workshop between the College of Medicine and King Abdullah II College of Information Technology

​The first joint cooperation workshop between the College of Medicine and King Abdullah II College of Information Technology

As part of the first work of the research cooperation committee between the College of Medicine and the King Abdullah II College for Information Technology, the first joint workshop between the two colleges was held in Ahmed Al-Lawzi Theater at the King Abdullah II College for Information Technology on Tuesday, 5/23/2023. The workshop was attended by the Dean of the College Medicine Prof. Dr. Yasser Al-Rayyan, and Dean of King Abdullah II College for Information Technology Prof. Dr. Saleh Al-Sharayaa, in addition to a large number of faculty members and students in both colleges. It also attracted a large number of interested people from other universities and companies interested in the medical-technological field.
At the beginning of the workshop, Prof. Yasser Al-Rayyan stressed the importance of this strategic and vital cooperation and the support of the university administration and the deanships of the two colleges for this integration between the different disciplines to keep pace with the great technical acceleration that we are currently experiencing, which necessitates concerted efforts between the various disciplines to confront the technical and research problems facing the medical sector.
Then the proceedings of the workshop began, which lasted for more than 4 hours, and included two scientific sessions, including a networking session between researchers.
In the first session, Dr. Saif AlDeen AlRyalat and Dr. Laila Tutunji from the College of Medicine spoke about the types of medical data that need research and study and about the most critical opportunities and challenges facing medical research. Dr. Laith Al-Omari from the King Hussein Cancer Center also spoke about methods of encoding medical data and the most important sources for obtaining medical data open.
Then Dr. Eyad Sultan from the King Hussein Cancer Center presented the role of modern technologies in supporting medical data processing.

In the second session devoted to researchers from the King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, Dr. Magdi Sawalha and Dr. Heba Saadeh spoke about the two topics of using natural language processing techniques in medical research and about applications of computational biology, while Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jarrah reviewed some research on medical data that he carried out with his group research.
For her part, Dr. Hoda Karajah reviewed the field of digital image processing in medical research, and Dr. Musa Al-Akhras reviewed the detailed steps starting from the idea and obtaining and processing digital images, then extracting the medical characteristics for the diagnosis of glaucoma.
It was agreed to hold a continuous series of specialized workshops between the two colleges to enhance research and technical cooperation and translate these ideas into pioneering products, innovative technical solutions, and research of a distinct medical technical nature that combines the capabilities of both colleges in a way that benefits and distinguishes the university and the country. It was also agreed to form small groups. Focused and clear goals.
At the end of the workshop, a dialogue session was held between the speakers and the audience. Many ideas were put forward and points of view were heard by the attendees, who praised this pioneering initiative.