A meeting held with students’ representatives at the School of Medicine

The Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor Yasser Al-Rayyan, held a meeting with a number of student representatives in the School  Council hall  on Tuesday, 9/19/2023.


The meeting was attended by the Assistant Dean for Clinical Training and Student Affairs in the Clinical years, Dr. Fida Thekr Allah, the Assistant Dean for Examinations Affairs and Student Affairs in the Basic years, Professor Heba Kalbouneh, and the Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs, Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh .

The meeting was attended by student representatives: Dr. Ahmed Abu Hani, Laila Nazzal, ,Enas AlKhasawneh ,and Hussein Al-Rahimi as student representatives in the college council, and Kholoud Al-Hajri as a representative of international students in the school.

During the meeting, the Dean listened to the students' comments and feedback on various topics related to student affairs. The Dean and his assistants also expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the attending students in representing their colleagues, in presenting student affairs, and in participating in expressing opinions on the topics raised during the Faculty Council sessions.

The meeting also included the distribution of honorary shields to student representatives in appreciation of their efforts and active participation in representing their colleagues and cooperation with the college administration to achieve the desired academic goals and objectives and for improvement and development.


Office of Quality and Communication Affairs

School of Medicine

"The School of medicine is the first medical school in Jordan. We are looking forward to being the first and most distinguished in the region."