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  • 13 - Nov
  • 2023

An introductory meeting for first-year students held at the School of Medicine

An introductory meeting was held for new students of the School of Medicine on Thursday, 11/9/2023, sponsored by the Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor 

Yasser Al-Rayyan, began the meeting with a welcome speech to the new students of the School of Medicine, during which he reviewed the journey that medical students go through during the academic years, stressing the importance of informing students about the plan. academic studies and the official instructions governing the college, wishing the students a successful study and distinguished achievement during the years they will spend in their college.

Then, Dr. Maram Abdel Jalil, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the basic years , spoke to the students and presented a number of instructions related to attendance and discipline and the principles and instructions for exams. Then she reviewed the (updated) study

plan for the first year and the conditions for transfer to the second academic year. She also introduced the student representative to the Faculty Council for the first and second years and a number of distinguished college employees.

Professor Heba Kalbouneh, Deputy Dean for Examinations Affairs, gave a welcome speech to the students, in which she stressed the importance of  adhering to the college's instructions and following its announcements. She also discussed the new study plan and provided a set of advice and praise for first-year students.

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