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  • 02 - Mar
  • 2024


Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Yaser Al-Rayyan, Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Maram Abdaljaleel, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, held the first season of the JU Doctors League scientific competition on Thursday, February 29, 2024. An elite group of medical students from The basic years had participated. The competition was an exceptional experience, as enthusiasm and competitive spirit mixed with the desire to achieve first place. The corridors of the building witnessed a unique bustle, in which elite medical students from all academic years gathered.

The JU Doctors League competition is based mainly on testing the medical knowlwdge of the contestants. The competition consists of three rounds, The first round began with twelve teams, in which two teams competed separately to qualify for the second round. Six teams, in turn, competed as pairs, with three teams qualifying for the final round. Then the competition concluded with the final round, in which three teams competed in one round, and the first place was won by Waseem Hamza, Zaid Samarat, and Zaid Al-Zoubi. The second place was won by Suhaib Abweini, Muhammad Al-Adawi, and Laith Shamout, and the third place was won by Muhammad Al-Shalalfa, Muhammad Al-Saad, and Osama Zaarir.

The competition included a guitar playing segment by the student Zeina Mehyar, and an Oud playing segment by Rashed Abu Saleh and Abdallah Shawwa and an organ playing section by Laila Allan, as well as two competitions for the audience.

The competition concluded with the distribution of prizes to the top three winning teams, as well as certificates of appreciation for all competitors and organizers.

A team of distinguished medical students organized and presented this event with great efficiency including Own Al-Abdallat, Abdallah Shawwa, Abdalrahman Atyani, Ahmad Jarrar, Ahmad Awadat, Batool Elayan, Dina Khliefat, Farah Foudeh, Hasan Bashabsheh, Jana Al-Hittawe, Laila Allan, Layan Al-Odat, Mira’alnaser Khashman, Morad Abbas, Mohammad Al-Abdallat, Muin Naser, Mukaram Kalouti, Noureddin Al-Bast, Rashed Abu Saleh, Rula Marie, Shaden Shawakfah, Shahed Jumah, Sohayb Hammo, Yazan Al-Awaysheh
Zeina Mehyar, Zaid Saimeh.
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Office-School of Medicine