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  • 08 - Apr
  • 2024

The School of Medicine concludes the discussion of Graduation Research Projects for sixth-year students

The School of Medicine gladly announces the successful completion of the discussion of graduation research projects for sixth-year students, under the supervision and organization of the Office of Scientific Research at the School of Medicine, where 47 committees formed from faculty members discussed the projects of sixth-year students who are expected to graduate at the end of the second semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

  The discussion sessions between the committees and the students continued for seven days, during which the students presented their research work and answered the questions and comments of the committee members.It is worth noting that the number of research papers submitted by the students reached 185, and the percentage of research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals reached 9% of the projects submitted, and 14% of them were sent for publication. All student research will be presented during the fourth scientific day of the School of Medicine. On April 25, 2024.

Thus, the School of Medicine, represented by the Dean and the teaching and administrative staff, congratulates the students on successfully passing the graduation project requirement and extends thanks to all the faculty members who participated in the discussion committees and to the staff of the Scientific Research Office, represented by Dr. Feda Thekrullah, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the Clinical Years and Graduates, and Dr. Laila Al-Tutunji, Director of the Scientific Research Office, Dr. Alaa Al-Matalaqa, Dr. Manar Al-Hujair, Ms. Haifa Mahasneh, Assistant Dean for Guidance, and Ms. Hanan Amin.

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