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  • 20 - Apr
  • 2024

An academic meeting within Student’s Mentorship Program held at the SOM

An interactive academic meeting was held on Monday, April 15, 2024, at the School of Medicine, o within the career guidance program:

*Student's Mentorship Programme


"Postgraduate Research Year"


Dr. Ahmed Abu Bak. A graduate  from the University of Jordan,Patch  in 2023 .Research assistant in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas Hospital in the United States of America.

During his presentation, Dr. Ahmed Abu Bak discussed the importance of students focusing on activities and workshops that contribute to the students' readiness, training and qualification for the future jobs ans market after graduation, and the fundamental role that this has in their academic and professional career.

Dr. Abu Bakr pointed to the contribution of the Post Graduate Research Year, which the graduate spends in prestigious centers, in directing students to the scientific and professional fields that suit their orientations and ambitions and gives them the necessary knowledge and experience in medical specialties and research topics in which they intend to work after graduation.

 He also pointed out that the research year outside Jordan contributes to the   establishment of important and influential international cooperation in the academic and professional community.

The lecturer also provided advice on how a student can apply for a research assistant position after graduation. He also briefed the audience on a number of advanced research and technological resources that he benefited from during his work as a research assistant in American universities.

The meeting was organized by students in the Quality Assurance Committee at the School of Medicine, in cooperation with the Office of Quality and Communication Affairs and the Academic and Career Guidance Committee.


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