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  • 24 - Apr
  • 2024

The School of Medicine holds a health awareness event about smoking Cessation

As part of the efforts to achieve the strategic goals of the School of Medicine, represented by an active community role and providing a safe university environment, a health awareness anti-smoking event was held at the School of Medicine, organized by students of the Safety and Environment Committee in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health and the Anti-Smoking Committee

And under the supervision of Dr. Mounir Abu Hilala, Director of the Institute of Public Health. Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh, Head of the Safety and Environment Committee.


The students participating in organizing the event set up a dedicated corner through which the supervising students provided a set of advice to the students of the University of Jordan in the Clock Tower Square and the patients at the University of Jordan Hospital. These tips included an explanation of the dangers of smoking in its various types and its negative effects on the health of smokers and those around them, especially children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as a result of their exposure to passive smoking. Medical advice was also provided on ways to quit smoking through distributing health brochures approved by the Ministry of Health, and introducing the smoking cessation clinics which provide services in smoking cessation and are run by qualified doctors at the Ministry of Health and the University of Jordan Hospital, where behavioral and pharmacological treatment methods are provided to eliminate the smoking habit and treat withdrawal symptoms resulting from smoking cessation.


A lung function test was also performed by volunteers participating in the event to the visitors and beneficiaries by Dr Ruaa Al-Lubani, a research assistant from the pediatric respiratory clinics.


More than forty students participated in the awareness services provided during the event to more than 300 beneficiaries, including University of Jordan students from various colleges, visitors, and employees at the University of Jordan Hospital.


The event extended for three days, from Sunday to Tuesday (21 to 23/4/2024).


The event was organised by a group of students from the Safety and Environment Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee and a number of student volunteers (Ihab Al-Raoud, Nour Maher, Mohammad Al-Hanaqta, Areen Al-Shadifat, Mohammad Al-Marei).



Office for Quality and Communication Affairs, School of medicine