A Delegation from Kurdistan -Iraq visits the School of Medicine

Deputy Dean for College Affairs received a television delegation from the national satellite channel of Iraqi Kurdistan at the Deanship of the School of Medicine on Thursday 27-7-2023.

The delegation was accompanied by a member from Tourism Promotion Commision in Jordan, as part of the Commission 's objectives to shed light on the medical sector in Jordan and the universities which provides medical education.

The delegation held a meeting with Debuty Dean Professor Musa Al-Abbadi, and was attended by Dr. Fida Thikrallah, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the Clinical Years, and Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh, Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs. The delegation listened to a presentation on the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan, which included a brief about the history of the college, the programs taught, its achievements, its global ranking and international accreditation. The delegation also toured the facilities in the college.

The delegation conducted a tour inside the SOM building in addition to a visit to the University of Jordan Hospital, during which they were received by the Medical Director.

Professor Nader Al-Bassoul and the Administrative Director Professor Mahmoud Al-Mustafa. The visit included television interviews conducted by the delegation with Deputy Dean and the Medical Director. The delegation, headed by Dr. Sarkar Al-Sorji, also praised the distinguished academic reputation of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan.



Office for Quality Affairs and Communications,

School of medicine.

School of Medicine

"The School of medicine is the first medical school in Jordan. We are looking forward to being the first and most distinguished in the region."