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  • 14 - Apr
  • 2019

President of the University of Jordan, opened the first scientific day

Prof. Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Qudah, President of the University of Jordan, opened the first scientific day for students of the Faculty of Medicine / 6th year

Where he stressed that scientific research is the means to achieve the nation's progress in this century, and the world is racing with great global and technological achievements.
He pointed out that the involvement of students in scientific researches and encourage them to participate in research and scientific projects and provide all the support, give evidence of the strong relationship between students and faculty members.
As the scientific day to present the graduation projects for sixth year students is one of the university's main goals in the development of education and keep abreast of developments in various disciplines.
The Dean of the School of Medicine Professor Islam Masad said that the scientific day is only the fruit of the work of six years of the college students, supervised by their professors, and resulted in scientific research, some published in peer reviewed scientific journals, and the other in the final stages of preparation according to the scientific foundations.
Professor Masad added that the participation of students in medical colleges in scientific research and according to international studies is increasing steadily, because it has the advantages to improve the chances of specialization and expand the perception, to get to the information easily.
The Assistant Dean of Students Affairs at the clinical stages, Dr. Fidaa Thekrallah , talked about the establishment of a special office for scientific research in the college to take care of the students of the emerging researchers, where he played an active role in completing many researches.
The scientific day, which was attended by vice presidents, deans of schools and members of the university faculty, included the opening of a study hall for 400 students in their last year. They conducted 139 research papers, 69 of them were able to publish their research in scientific journals.  When 150 students sent their research papers to different magazines.
During the day, students present 16 lectures, 123 posters and posters.