The Law of Medical Responsibility scientific day entitled

 The Association of Forensic Science Specialists organized in cooperation with the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan and the National Society for the Safety of Treatment (Salamatk) a scientific day entitled "Law of Medical Responsibility".

 The aim of the scientific day, according to the chairman of the Association of Forensic Science specialists Dr. Imad Al-Abdalat, is to make the doctors and practitioners in the School of Medicine and the University of Jordan aware about the Law on Medical Responsibility, which was published in the Official Newspapers in June 2018. It was officially launched three months after its issuance.
 Al Abdalat said that such a scientific day should be held to introduce the law and its materials, so that doctors can do their work very clearly and know what they have to do with their colleagues and patients, which contributes in providing a safe medical service and ensuring quality at all times.
 During the scientific day, which was attended by the Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Islam Masad and a collection of doctors and forensic specialists, it was necessary to highlight the aspects of strength, medical and technical necessitate the application of the law of legal responsibility to the fullest, it was necessary to involve lawyers, prosecutors and doctors to discuss the law from their sides and according to its competence.

School of Medicine

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