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  • 19 - Sep
  • 2021

Aya Masadeh currently completing her final year at university of Jordan

Aya Masadeh is a medical student currently completing her final year at university of Jordan. She has a profound passion for the arts. Aya practices ballet and contemporary dance at the National Centre for Cultural Arts. She ensures spending any spare time in-front of a canvas with a blade at hand. She was selected to be the local artist of the month at Bluefig during the month of September 2021. Thus hosting her first formal gallery under the title “simplify”. The intention behind the theme “simplify” chosen for this exhibition is to translate common human emotions into simple brush strokes thus establishing a sense of unity among the people. Where even-though different individuals may experience certain emotions in varying intensities, everyone can relate to the core feeling. Hence, the titles chosen for every art piece maybe taken literally or maybe interpreted based on a more personal experience and accordingly grasped as a primary emotion