The university of Jordan hosten the 19th national general assembly

​On Saturday, 25/9/2021, the university of Jordan hosten the 19th national general assembly that is organized by the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) , under the support of the school of medicine.
The theme of this NGA was "Human rights" where this event tabled the importance of this topic from different angles such as the Mental health of the refugees and delivering medical assistance to the refugees.

The school of medicine representative  Dr. Fida  Thekrallah  the Dean's Assistant for graduates and Student in clinical departments has highlighted the importance of this topic and encouraged the medical students to get more involved in voluntary work to try and help the community as the faculty has always supported IFMSA activities and voluntary work in it's various forms.
Around 300 students from different universities around Jordan attended the event,  in addition to the main speaker about this topic, Dr. Omar Zaatreh from the UN, IFMSA-Jo president Dr. Faris Abbadi, IFMSA-Jo university of Jordan president Mr. Ahmad Assad

School of Medicine

"The School of medicine is the first medical school in Jordan. We are looking forward to being the first and most distinguished in the region."