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  • 13 - Feb
  • 2022

Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) Visit

A delegation from Palestine Polytechnic University visited the School of Medicine and Jordan University Hospital during (23-24/1/2022). This visit included several meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Yasser Ryan, Deputy Dean for College Affairs and Graduate Studies Professor Abdelkader Battah and Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Dr. Enas AL-Zayadneh.

The visiting delegation was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Majid Al-Dweik, Dr Mahmoud Al Haddad and Eng. Alaa Tamimi representing the Department of Quality Improvement and Accreditation at the University.
The two parties discussed the exchange of experiences and procedures for international credits (ACCM: Accreditation Commission for Colleges of medicine) and (WFME: World federation for Medical Education) presented by Professor Mohammed Al-Salem. The visit also included meetings at the Assistant Dean's Office for Student Affairs in the clinical years and Graduates, Assistant Dean's Office for Student Affairs in the basic -science years and examinations (Dr Nadir AL-Araidah), Assistant dean for Electronic Education (Dr Raed AL-Taher) and a meeting with heads of Curriculum Development Committee (Professor Yacoub Irshaid) and Scientific research Committee (Professor Amirah Al-Masri) . The delegation also toured the school’s laboratories, students’ scientific research office, Clinical skills lab.
The tour at the University hospital included meetings with Dr. Randa Farah at the Office of Continuing Medical Education and Dr. Amjad Bani Hani at the Quality Assurance Office to discuss the details of quality assurance procedures within the hospital.