President of the University of Jordan meeting with school of Medicine academic staff.

A meeting was held   between Prof. Nathir Obeidat the President of the University of Jordan and the faculty  members at the College of Medicine on Wednesday February the 16th  In the amphitheater of Bahjat Talhouni in the Medical Teaching Halls complex at the school of Medicine. The meeting was also attended by the  General Director of the University Hospital, the Vice Deans and his assistants, heads of departments, and a number of faculty members in the College of Medicine. The President of the University spoke about several important topics related to the academic process, the affairs of the faculty members, and the affairs of the teaching hospital. He also answered comments and questions from fellow faculty members on various topics related to the academic staff, academic programs and scientific research in the college.

School of Medicine

"The School of medicine is the first medical school in Jordan. We are looking forward to being the first and most distinguished in the region."