Announcement of an academic meeting with students in the basic and clinical years

​The Office of Quality and Communication Affairs at the School of Medicine in cooperation with the Student Guidance Committee ,and within the Academic and Employment Advising Program:
 * "Student's Mentorship Program"* ,
Is announcing the  next academic meeting with students entitled:
" The Study and Practice of Medicine in Current Era. Landscape, Prospect and Challenges" 
Speaker :
Dr Amr Qadaimat, MD 
Pediatric Haematology Oncology. 
St Jude Children's Research Hospital , USA 
Monday  3/7/2023     11:00 -12:30  
Venue  :
School of Medicine (Building 3)  Hall No. 1  ,  Ground floor 
 We welcome the active participation of dear students.

Office for Quality Affairs and Communications

School of Medicine

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