Biochemistry Laboratory

The biochemistry laboratory is multidisciplinary lab at the faculty of Medicine andprovides services for faculty members, medical students and post graduate students in performing biochemical researches. The laboratory performs a wide variety of different biochemical tests such protein quantitation by photometric methods and Real time PCR assays in whole blood, serum/ plasma and other bio fluids by the use of a wide range of equipment, from the simple most basic to automated, and modern systems.Some of the equipment available in the biochemistry lab are: Real time PCR, spectrophotometers, vortexes, refrigerators, freezers, tabletop centrifuges, water baths, balances,Oven, pH meters, pumpsand adjustable pipettes of all required sizes.

Main equipment
• Analytical balance (HR-120)
• Fume hood
• Multichannel pump Masterflex
• pH Meter (Martini instruments)
• Real time PCR system 7500 connected with laptop
• Shimadzue U.V 2600 spectrophotometer with a CPS 240 Cell positioner ( Thermolet) , connected  with a P.C computer (Lenova)  & printer
• Spectrophotometer (Analytical Jena Spekol 1300)
• Table High speed centrifuge TGL-16
• Water bath (Kotterman)

Lab Director:
Dr.NafezabuTarboush, D.D.S. M.Sc. PhD
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Lab supervisor
Suzan Al Bdour,MSc.
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Laboratory Information:
• Location: School of Medicine/ Building NO.1/Department of Physiology and  Biochemistry/ Third floor / 334
• Hours: Weekdays: 8:00 to 4:00
• Telephone: 00962-6-535500.Ext: 23475
• Area: 36 m2

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