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Pharmacology Lab

Pharmacology Laboratories
Brief Description
Pharmacology Laboratories are one of the most important laboratories at the school of medicine in the University of Jordan. It contains very important and advance instruments for teaching the graduate students and researchers for different scientific fields. Pharmacology Laboratories include three main laboratories:
Analytical pharmacology laboratory, Molecular Pharmacology (Pharmacogenomics) laboratory and Cell culture laboratory.
Analytical pharmacology laboratory
It contains a number of important chromatographic instruments that assist graduate students and researchers in analyzing samples.The most important of that instrument are HPLC and GC, which are used to identify the drugs and determine its amount in different samples such as in biological or pharmaceutical form.

Molecular Pharmacology (Pharmacogenomics) laboratory
It analyze and responds to pharmacological activity by detecting drug responding mutations (Point mutation “SNPs”) at patient genes by using several devices, the most important of which is qPCR (real time PCR), Conventional PCR, electrophoresisetc…..
Cell culture laboratory
It contains a number of important devices that assist students and researchers in studying the effect of drugs on cells, especially cancerous ones, through the use of modern technologies such as MTT, Migration and Invasion assays using important devices such as type II laminar flow cabinet, co2 incubator etc….