Pathology and Transmission Electron Microscope Unit

 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM):
General Information:
TEM is the abbreviation of transmission electron microscope technique in which a beam of electrons, accelerated from a tungsten filament, is focused on a sample, and the transmitted electrons are focused into an image. "Electron dense" areas of the sample (often made dense by staining techniques) scatter electrons, leading to dark areas in the image. The image itself, being made up of electrons, is invisible to the eye, so it is visualized by projection onto a fluorescent screen, which emits light when it is struck by electrons. For permanent records, photographic film, which is exposed by electrons, is used in place of the screen.
In the TEM Unit We provide advice and centralized training to both academic staff and research students in the preparation of specimens and the operation of the microscopes, the principal users of the TEMU facilities come from the faculties of (agriculture, pharmacy, medicine and science), The Electron Microscope Unit also provides facilities for a range of external organizations such as private and governmental hospitals.
If you are a researcher or student from a university or research institute and would like to use our facilities, please contact the EM unit's staff to provide you with the required information and discuss your project details.
TEM Application:
A Transmission Electron Microscope is ideal for a number of different fields such as life sciences, nanotechnology, medical, biological and material research, forensic analysis and education.
Different samples can be analyzed at our TEMU such as biological tissues and biopsies, plants, Bacteria and viruses, cell suspensions, polymers, oil emulsions, gold and silver nanoparticles, Nano fibers and others.
Pathology lab:
Pathology lab provide expert assistance for students and researchers in the field of light microscopy and Microtechniques, such as processing and sectioning of different tissue sample, in addition for applying different staining technique.
We also provide training on all the equipment and procedures in our laboratory.

Contact us:
Duaa Qattan: TEM Lab Supervisor
Phone Number: 0798020718
Ext: 23493
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Kholoud Friehat: TEM lab Technician
Phone number: 0797566941
Ext: 23493
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