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Program Specifications

Master's in Analytical Toxicology / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Master of Analytical Toxicology program, the student should be able to:

1. Apply advanced knowledge to implement various types of diagnostics in toxicology laboratories and transfer accurately related medical information.
2. Explain and analyse the interaction between exposure to exogenous chemicals and toxic effects in humans and relevant experimental models
3. Discuss and investigate the harmful effects of chemical substances on humans and underlying mechanisms.
4. Analyse professionally using advanced technology clinical, forensic and environmental samples for possible toxins and isolate toxins from biological and non-biological samples.
5. Perform problem solving in research and development of pharmaceutical industry.
6. Evaluate and critique toxicological results and interpret them with the available corresponding information.
7. Design and carry out a scientific research projects and produce well-constructed and organized publishable papers in the field analytical toxicology.
8. Demonstrate commitment and interest in lifelong learning and continuing education, teamwork, and implementation of quality assurance standards in different disciplines of toxicology.
9. Utilize technological principles to manage laboratories monitoring food for toxins contamination.
10. Solve potential problems arising from potential toxin during occupational exposure or environmental contamination.
11. Communicate effectively and present seminars to professional standards and prepare and carry out teaching sessions to both small and large groups of students.
12. Display a professional commitment to ethical practice and apply safety and governmental regulations and standards as applied to analytical toxicology practice.