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​Dr Maysa’ Khadra from the school of medicine has delivered a presentation at Columbia University/ NY

about findings from  a study regarding Health Concerns of Syrian Refugees in  Jordan. The study named Aspire is a collaboration between investigators from University of Jordan ( Dr Maysa Khadra , Dr Ruby Jaber and Prof. Raeda Qutob) , and University of Columbia/ United States.

ئيس لجنة التربيه و التعليم يدعو الى الاستثمار في  الطلبه المميزين من خريجي كلية الطبئيس لجنة التربيه و التعليم يدعو الى الاستثمار في  الطلبه المميزين من خريجي كلية الطب

            دعا رئيس لجنة التربية والتعليم النيابية إبراهيم البدور لاستثمار الطاقات الإبداعية والمميزة للطلبة الأوائل في الكليات الجامعية، خصوصًا كليات الطب باعتبارهم يشكلون صفوة المجتمع.
حيث التقى رئيس لجنة التربيه و التعليم النيابية الأربعاء الموفق ١٧/٤ عميد واعضاء الهيئة التدريسية واوائل طلبة كلية الطب في الجامعة الأردنية: إن هؤلاء الطلبة نشروا ابحاثا علمية في مجلات علمية محكمة
            دعى البذور على أهمية اتخاذ خطوات وتقديم امتيازات نوعية تحفز الطلاب على العمل في القطاع الحكومي، وتمنع هجرتهم الى الخارج، مؤكدا أهمية الاستثمار في الطب والتعليم في ظل الصحوة التعليمية.
وأشار إلى ضرورة انشاء مستشفى تعليمي جديد لطلبة كلية الطب في الجامعة الأردنية نظراً لحجم الأعباء التي ارهقت مستشفى الجامعة الأردنية الحالي واكتظاظ عدد المراجعين الذي قد يعيق جودة الخدمة الصحية المقدمة للمواطنين.
ودعا عميد كلية الطب في الجامعة الأردنية الدكتور اسلام مسّاد إلى تغيير النهج التعليمي في جميع التخصصات، فلا يجوز أن تبقى الجامعات تعتمد على كلية الطب في الموازي والدولي وعلى رسوم الطلبة، مطالباً بتحديد عدد الطلبة في الكلية لأن ذلك ينعكس سلبا على جودة المخرجات.
وقال: إن هؤلاء الطلبة هم نخبة من أفضل أبناء الوطن، ويمثلون كل المستويات الفكرية والاجتماعية، ولديهم مواهب وابداعات متعددة، ونحن اليوم نصدر أطباء للخارج، مطالباً بدعمهم ليكون لهم دور في القطاع التعليمي الطبي.
طالب أعضاء الهيئة التدريسية بدعم البحث العلمي من خلال إيجاد ميزانيات ثابتة وتوفير المعامل لإنتاج بحوث علمية ذات جودة عالية تفضي الى التقدم، مؤكدين انه لا يمكن لأي بلد ان يتطور دون وجود بحث علمي.
وعرض الطلبة للابداعات والأبحاث العلمية التي تم نشرها، مطالبين بتوفير الدعم المالي للجامعة الأردنية وزيادة ميزانيتها والعمل على عقد مؤتمر دولي للمانحين لجلب التبرعات.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Qudah, President of the University of Jordan, opened the first scientific day for students of the Faculty of Medicine / 6th year

Where he stressed that scientific research is the means to achieve the nation's progress in this century, and the world is racing with great global and technological achievements.
He pointed out that the involvement of students in scientific researches and encourage them to participate in research and scientific projects and provide all the support, give evidence of the strong relationship between students and faculty members.
As the scientific day to present the graduation projects for sixth year students is one of the university's main goals in the development of education and keep abreast of developments in various disciplines.
The Dean of the School of Medicine Professor Islam Masad said that the scientific day is only the fruit of the work of six years of the college students, supervised by their professors, and resulted in scientific research, some published in peer reviewed scientific journals, and the other in the final stages of preparation according to the scientific foundations.
Professor Masad added that the participation of students in medical colleges in scientific research and according to international studies is increasing steadily, because it has the advantages to improve the chances of specialization and expand the perception, to get to the information easily.
The Assistant Dean of Students Affairs at the clinical stages, Dr. Fidaa Thekrallah , talked about the establishment of a special office for scientific research in the college to take care of the students of the emerging researchers, where he played an active role in completing many researches.
The scientific day, which was attended by vice presidents, deans of schools and members of the university faculty, included the opening of a study hall for 400 students in their last year. They conducted 139 research papers, 69 of them were able to publish their research in scientific journals.  When 150 students sent their research papers to different magazines.
During the day, students present 16 lectures, 123 posters and posters.

 The Association of Forensic Science Specialists organized in cooperation with the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan and the National Society for the Safety of Treatment (Salamatk) a scientific day entitled "Law of Medical Responsibility".

 The aim of the scientific day, according to the chairman of the Association of Forensic Science specialists Dr. Imad Al-Abdalat, is to make the doctors and practitioners in the School of Medicine and the University of Jordan aware about the Law on Medical Responsibility, which was published in the Official Newspapers in June 2018. It was officially launched three months after its issuance.
 Al Abdalat said that such a scientific day should be held to introduce the law and its materials, so that doctors can do their work very clearly and know what they have to do with their colleagues and patients, which contributes in providing a safe medical service and ensuring quality at all times.
 During the scientific day, which was attended by the Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Islam Masad and a collection of doctors and forensic specialists, it was necessary to highlight the aspects of strength, medical and technical necessitate the application of the law of legal responsibility to the fullest, it was necessary to involve lawyers, prosecutors and doctors to discuss the law from their sides and according to its competence.
               Under the patronage of the President of the University of Jordan Prof. Abdulkareem Al-Qudah, the participation of prestigious educational and scientific figures, and the whole teaching staff of the School of Medicine, a full "Scientific Day" will be held in the School of Medicine where research productions conducted by the sixth-year medical students "Graduation Projects" will be presented, discussed, and evaluated in form of oral and poster presentations. The Scientific Day will be on April the 11th, 2019 at Al-Hassan Bin Talal Stadium - Deanship of Student Affairs.

For further details click here
The School of Medicine organized a workshop on the establishment of a multiple choice exam for medical materials on 12-13 March 2019.

Dr. Manar Al-Lawama, Head of Pediatrics Department and a holder of Master degree in Medical Education, gave the workshop where the attendance was remarkable by the faculty members from both basic and clinical departments and the interaction was striking.
The President of the University of Jordan Prof. Abdul Karim Al-Qudah opened a new reading room in the lobby of the Faculty of Medicine, which has been re-configured and updated with a donation from the Canadian warehouse "Absa".

The Dean of the College Prof. Islam Massad said that the opening of a reading room was part of the University's efforts to provide the environment suitable for the students of the college and prepare them to the benefit of their interests and educational process and enhance the spirit of belonging to the kidney. He added that the hall accommodates 75 students and provides them with the right atmosphere to facilitate the process of reading their lessons in comfort and harmony and away from noise. The university president is working hard to provide all the requirements that will contribute to the success of the educational process and to achieve the quality standards in that, he said.

​The Dean of the school of Medicine، the teaching and the administrative staffs congratulate His Excellency Dr. Walid Al-Maani for his new position as Minister of Education and Higher Education, and wish him all success

On Saturday, 26/1/2019, the school of Medicine organized a free medical day in the Deir Ala district where faculty members and students participated under the supervision of the school’s Dean in this activity. 
The Deir Ala people showed a great appreciation to this activity students from Cornell University- Qatar participated in this activity with positive feedback
5th of February, The School of Medicine’s Dean opened the exhibition of Arab communities, which was held at the main hall of Al Qa’at al Tebyeh
Where the students from all Arab countries participated in this activity and they represented their cultures and traditions.
On 29th of January 2019, Texila American University (TAU) in Guyana-  South America visited the School of Medicine. The purpose of this visit is to get information about the school experience in international accreditation. And during this visit, they signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Jordan

26th of January 2019, The Students from Weill Cornell University- Qatar visited the University of Jordan- school of Medicine through the cultural exchange program. 

the students participated in the free medical day in Deir Ala, 
During this visit, the students they had tour in the University of Jordan and they spent a full day as part of shadowing programs in the university of Jordan Hospital and king Hussein Cancer center! 
Ala Abojaradeh, Director of the Jordan chapter of Life in My Days and 5th year medical student in the University of Jordan, was in Malaysia last week for the International Muslim Mental Health Conference, which was held on July 3-6/2018.
She won the Gold Medal for Best Oral Presentation, where she talked about the amazing work that we have been doing in Jordan.
She also won the Platinum Medal for Best Poster Presentation, which was a research project done by Ala, Ahmad Abojaradeh (Founder and Executive Director of Life in My Days), Isam K. Bsisu (Medical Doctor who recently graduated from the University of Jordan) and Jumana Shehadeh ( masters in nursing psychology and lecturer in the University of Jordan).
She was also interview on Jordan Today TV Channel to talk about this great achievement.
We are so proud and hope we can always be represented well all around the world!
Big thanks to everyone who supported her and made this success come true!
Special thanks to the dean of the School of Medicine, Dr.Nathir Obeidat for is constant support.

المؤتمر العلمي الأول  لخريجي  كلية الطب –الجامعة الاردنية
تطوير كلية الطب بأيدي خريجيها
الخميس 21/6/2018
“The First Alumni Forum and Conference of
The University of Jordan School of Medicine Graduates”
on Thursday 21/6/2018

Is a quality procedure for patients with stroke to alter the artery of the head skin and connect it to a brain artery that feeds the affected brain area.

Dr. Tarek Kanaan, Head of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan, explained that this process aims to improve the blood circulation in the brain, which feeds on arteries that are narrowed or clogged, leading to a reduction in the incidence of future brain clots and increasing the possibility of improvement in some cases .
"This process, the first of its kind in Jordan, has been adopted in Germany for nearly five years after conducting the required studies and trials. It is currently a routine surgical procedure in many advanced medical centers.
His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein honored His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Awaidi Al-Abbadi, King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Medal for Distinguished Excellence, in recognition of his distinguished pioneering achievements and his specific contributions to the field of bone marrow transplantation and stem cell research