Certificate delivery report - for students participating in the volunteering campaign

On Wednesday, 18/8/2021, the School of Medicine - University of Jordan handed volunteer certificates to the students of clinical years for their participation in the national vaccination campaign against the emerging corona virus during the period 16/3/2021-6/5/2021, where Prof. Dr. Yasser Al-Rayan, Dean of The School offered a word of thanks to the students, praising their efforts and the importance of this activity in raising communication skills with patients.

Dr. Fida Thekrallah also listed the mechanism of organizing and working on this activity and presenting it in a way that reflects the distinguished level of our students. At the end of the ceremony , Prof. Dr. Dean of the College of Medicine distributed certificates to the participating students, and the Dean honored each of the following:
- Mr. Zakaria Muhammad Abdul Rahim - Assistant Director of the Infection Control Office - University of Jordan Hospital.
- Ms. Haifa Mahasneh - Supervisor of Clinical Training and Graduate Affairs - College of Medicine
- Suzan Al-Badour - Biochemistry Laboratory Supervisor - College of Medicine for their thankful efforts with students of the College of Medicine during the period of the Corona pandemic.

School of Medicine

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