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Dr. Gernot Ernst visited the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan on Wednesday 25-1-2023, within the framework of international academic and career cooperation with prestigious universities. Dr. Gernot is an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo in Norway in the Faculty of Social Sciences and a specialist in anesthesia, intensive care, palliative care and neurosciences.

Dr. Ernst expressed his interest in conducting a scientific visit to the School of Medicine and the University of Jordan Hospital to exchange experiences and expressed his willingness to hold scientific lectures on research and clinical topics within his field of expertise. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Gernot Ernst has more than 50 published research papers in various scientific topics. He was received in the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Abbadi, Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Abbadi, Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs, Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh, and Mrs. Rashida Badran ,Head of the International Cooperation and Correspondence Division from the International Affairs Unit at the University of Jordan. The meeting was also attended by a representative of the Department of Palliative Medicine at KHCC, Dr. Omar Shamia.the  Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care expressed his welcome to the visiting guest and the department's readiness to prepare a program of scientific and clinical activities and events during the scientific visit of Dr. Ernst.


Office for Quality Affairs and Communications

School of Medicine


The meeting will be held Online with the following link :

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 ID: 708 677 1656
 Passcode: 203379

Date and Time: 1/28/2023
 5 pm Amman time.

We welcome the active participation of our dear students.


A delegation from the Faculty of Medicine at Hebron University in Palestine visited the University of Jordan on Wednesday 1-1-2023.The visit came within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the two universities and within the efforts of Hebron University to obtain accreditation for the Bachelor of Medicine program.

A meeting was held between the visiting team from the Quality Control and Accreditation Unit at Hebron University with members of the administrative and teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine, during which the Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs Dr Enas Al -Zayadneh gave a detailed explanation of the local and international accreditation process obtained by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission and the International Federation for Medical Education WFME.

The two sides also discussed ways of cooperation between the two universities. The delegation toured the facilities of the Faculty of Medicine, including medical laboratories and the Skill Lab .

The Palestinian delegation included Dr. Laith Al-Amleh, Assistant Dean for Quality Control, Dr. Moataz Al-Bakri, member of the Accreditation Committee, and Dr. Muath Abu Hamda, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs. The delegation was received by Prof. Dr. Musa Al-Abbadi, Vice Dean for College and Graduate Studies, Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh, Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Affairs, Prof. Dr. Heba Kalbouna, Assistant Dean for Examinations and Student Affairs for the Basic years, Prof.  Abdel Qader Battah, Head of the Department of Microbiology and Toxicology.


​The Dean of  School  of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Yasser Al-Rayyan, received a delegation of students from the College of Medicine at Weill Cornell University from  Qatar, on Thursday 5-12-2023.

The Dean held a meeting in his office with members of the delegation, during which he discussed means of cooperation between the SOM at the University of Jordan and Weill Cornell University. The students expressed their appreciation for the pioneering role played by the SOM at the University of Jordan in the region and their admiration in the prestigious academic and employment reputation of the School .

During their visit, the delegation toured the SOM during which they visited the clinical training office and the scientific research office for students. The delegation met the assistant dean for student guidance and a number of medical student. The delegation also participated effectively in a voluntary medical day organized by the College of Medicine in  Al -Karamah town in Jordan Valley  region.  

Office for Quality Affairs and Communications.

(SOM : School of Medicine )


The President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Dr. Natheer Obeidat, inaugurated the Prayer Room (مصلى) of the Faculty of Medicine on Tuesday, 20-12-2022.The opening was attended by Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abu Karaki, Vice President for Scientific Faculties, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Yasser Rayan, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani.It was also attended by  Vice Deans and Dean's assistants, a number of members of the administrative and teaching staff in the Faculty of Medicine, student representatives in the Faculty Council, and a number of students in the clinical and basic years .From the Private Sector ,the opening was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tla' Al-Ali Hospitals, Dr. Yousef Al-Khasawneh .

The opening was started with a Prayer  for the souls of the martyrs of Jordan  who died in defense of the homeland and sacrificed their pure lives.The  President of the University of Jordan noted on his opening speech that the School of Medicine was found to provide Jordan with White Army(Doctors) that protects lives physically, psychologically and spiritually.

At the end of the ceremony, the President honored the supporting parties that contributed to the establishment of this prayer hall, extending his thanks to everyone who contributed to the completion of the prayer room .


One of the medical students’ graduation projects won the best research award from the European Organization of Science Editors

The research published in the European Journal of European Science Editing won the award for the best published research for the years 2020-2021. The research studied the research papers retracted after  publishing by researchers from Arab countries. Medical students included Moayad Azzam, Dana Al-Qatawneh, and Abdullah Massad participated in the research, under the supervision of Dr. Saif Aldeen AlRyalat.

Research title:
Retractions of research papers by authors from the Arab region (1998-2018)

Research link:


The Student Guidance Committee in cooperation with the  Quality and Communication Affairs Office at the College of Medicine ,  and within the Academic and Employment Advisory  Program:

“Students Mentorship Program"   announces its third   academic meeting with students for the current academic year entitled :

"Getting ready for the USMLE exam."


Speaker :   Dr. Amr Qadimat  ,  Consultant of Pediatric Oncology and Hematogy at   Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA.


Date and time:  Monday November 14, 2022.

Location: The new Faculty Building (Building 3 , Hall 3)


As part of the efforts of the University of Jordan in promoting international cooperation and communication, a delegation from the Faculty of Medicine paid an official visit to PE'CS University – School of Medicine in response to the invitation addressed to the Faculty of Medicine – University of Jordan from the Hungarian University, where the host university had previously sent a delegation to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan that included a group of experts in the field of public health and refugee health from the University in May of 2022 in coordination with the Presidency of the University of Jordan and the Office of International Relations. During the former visit and over the course of two weeks, the members of the Hungarian delegation held a number of valuable training workshops in the field of mental health, psychological support, and community health during the waves of migration in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at the University in which a group of students and professors from the medical faculties at the University of Jordan participated, including students of the Faculty of Medicine in clinical years, graduate students in public health, in addition to students of the Faculty of Nursing.

The exchange of formal visits between delegations from the  School of Medicine at the University of Jordan and the  Hungarian University of P'ECS came in furtherance of the efforts University of Jordan administration  to activate scientific and academic cooperation in the fields of enhancing the capabilities and skills of students and providing them with distinguished learning experiences, through the exchange of science and knowledge with prestigious regional and international higher education institutions.

The program of Jordanian Delegation visit included:

  • A Meeting between the members of the delegation with the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of (PE'CS): He gave a brief overview of the history of the Faculty of Medicine and the University of PE'CS which recently celebrated the sixth centenary of its establishment, and gave a presentation on the achievements of the college and the services provided by the different departments and the activities of the college in the field of international cooperation .
  •  A panel discussion on ways of cooperation between the two universities and work to prepare for the signing of a joint cooperation agreement between the University of Jordan and the University of (PECS), which includes an exchange process for students and faculty members for undergraduate and graduate programs and ways to benefit from the grants provided by the European Erasmus Initiative within this framework.

  •  A scientific workshop held by members of the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of PECS .This Panel discussion was moderated by Professor of Public Health and Migration medicine Dr  Istevan Esler ,Head of the Chair of Migration health .The panel discussed  various topics related to the health of immigrants from the medical, epidemiological, therapeutic and psychological aspects, The workshop included remarks and comments from the members of the Jordanian delegation  on the topics raised.

  • A presentation to display all different academic programs (compulsory and elective) offered by the Department of Public Health at the University of (PE'CS ) to students at different academic levels: bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs. Presented by Dr. Erica Marek .

  • Lecture on the situation of expatriate refugees in Jordan (historical, medical, social and research profile) delivered by Dr. Hamza Al-Dridi from the Jordanian delegation attended by number of professors and students from the host university.

  • An open meeting between the delegation and faculty members in the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine – University of PECS .The meeting included a briefing by each of the faculty members on the different research activities of each of them, which include various topics related to public health, occupational health, environmental health, refugee health, children's health, mental health of medical students, and epidemic and non-epidemic community diseases,  and other health topics. This meeting was moderated by Professor Istevan Kiss ,head of department of Public Health .

  • A Tour by the delegation to the Skill LAB Medical Laboratories at The University of PECS.

The delegation from the Faculty of Medicine included: Prof. Dr. Madi Al-Jaghbeer / Department of Community Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Fidaa Dhikrallah / Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Clinical Training, Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh / Assistant Dean for Communication and Accreditation Affairs, Dr. Raed Al-Taher / Assistant Dean for Development, Mr. Mohammed AL-Bataina / Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Mrs. Haifa Al-Mahasna / Assistant Dean for Student Guidance. And  from the Faculty of Nursing Dr. Hamza Al-Dridi.


​The Faculty of Medicine, headed by Professor Dr. Yasser Rayan and in the presence of his deputies, assistants, and heads of departments, hosted on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, a delegation from American UCLA University, headed by Professor Dr. Neveen Al-Farra ( Medical Director of Medical Services), where the two sides discussed means of cooperation between the School of Medicine and UCLA, Professor Yasser Rayan presented a presentation on the University of Jordan in general and the Faculty of Medicine in particular

In addition, the delegation took an overview tour of the amenities of the School of Medicine and the University of Jordan Hospital. ​


​The Student Guidance Committee in cooperation with the Quality Office at the Faculty of Medicine held a lecture within the “Student's Mentorship Program “. During which Prof. Dr. Jihad Al-Ajlouni, Head of the Department of Special Surgery, gave advise and guidance on ways to prepare for clinical training and medical specialization inside and outside Jordan in the post-graduation stage.

Dr. Jihad spoke about his experience during the different stages of his career starting from the Bachelor's degree and Higher specialization at the University of Jordan to sub specialization in Ireland.

He also answered the students' questions on this subject.

The lecture was held on Sunday, 18-8-2022 remotely via Zoom application and was attended by a number of students in the basic and clinical year.


The Scientific Research Office conducted  a workshop on working on research project for medical students. The Workshop discussed scientific research methodologies, work steps from writing the research project to preparing for publication. In addition, it presented the latest regulations governing graduation project for medical students.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Laila Al-Tutunji and Dr. Saif Al-Deen AlRyalat from the Faculty of Medicine​


A forum for graduates of the eighteenth and nineteenth cohorts of students of the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan

Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the University, a group of physicians from the eighteenth and nineteenth cohorts of graduates of the School  ​of Medicine at the University of Jordan met, to learn about the most prominent developments that their School has witnessed, and the updates that occurred in it after more than two decades.
The President of the University, Dr. Nathir Obeidat, said in a speech he delivered during his patronage of the forum, "The University of Jordan in the past five decades has made a distinguished contribution to making the world better, and making medicine more clear, as it answered the questions that you have left, as it was answered by many of your questions. The professors of the University of Jordan in the past six decades have been distinguished champions in all sciences: in information technology, medicine, business, agriculture, physics, mathematics, the humanities and social sciences, and others”.

The Schoolof Medicine, under the supervision of the Office of Scientific Research, held the second scientific day under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Natheer Obeidat, and in the presence of the Dean of the Schoolof Medicine, Dr. Which is a requirement for students to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine.

This scientific day comes as a culmination of the efforts of the schooland its students, as they carried out more than 120 scientific researches, more than 40 of them were published in international scientific journals, contributing to the provision of science and raising the ranking of Jordan and its mother university in the world. This is considered one of the most important achievements of the Office of Scientific Research, which was established about four years ago to support scientific research in the Schoolof Medicine. Since its establishment, the Scientific Research Office has conducted dozens of workshops to raise awareness among students and raise their ability to carry out scientific research, where it supervised hundreds of students and research, most of which were published in international journals.
It is worth noting that the number of research papers published by graduate medical students this year exceeded forty, compared to less than ten research three years ago when the office was established. At the conclusion of the scientific day, the dean of the schooland its professors presented prizes to the winners with the highest ratings during the scientific day’s discussions.

On Monday 18-7-2022  ,Professor Yasser Al- Rayyan ,Dean of School of Medicine, received a delegation from  Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada headed by Dr  SONJA KNUTSON ,Director of the International Office at the University  .The two parties discussed means of cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine and the International Office at the University of Newfoundland including the latter's readiness to receive students from the Faculty of Medicine from the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees for a period ranging from 4 to 6 months  to  participate and to be introduced to  the university's experience in research and clinical training.

The meeting was attended by  Vice-Dean  Prof. AbdulQadir Battah. Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs Dr. Enas Al-Zayadneh and Assistant Dean for Examinations and Student Affairs    Dr. Nader Al- Arayda.​


​Exchange students from Lund university -Sweden- had visit school of medicine's Deanship office


A meeting was held   between Prof. Nathir Obeidat the President of the University of Jordan and the faculty  members at the College of Medicine on Wednesday February the 16th  In the amphitheater of Bahjat Talhouni in the Medical Teaching Halls complex at the school of Medicine. The meeting was also attended by the  General Director of the University Hospital, the Vice Deans and his assistants, heads of departments, and a number of faculty members in the College of Medicine. The President of the University spoke about several important topics related to the academic process, the affairs of the faculty members, and the affairs of the teaching hospital. He also answered comments and questions from fellow faculty members on various topics related to the academic staff, academic programs and scientific research in the college.


A delegation from Palestine Polytechnic University visited the School of Medicine and Jordan University Hospital during (23-24/1/2022). This visit included several meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Yasser Ryan, Deputy Dean for College Affairs and Graduate Studies Professor Abdelkader Battah and Assistant Dean for Quality and Communication Dr. Enas AL-Zayadneh.

The visiting delegation was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Majid Al-Dweik, Dr Mahmoud Al Haddad and Eng. Alaa Tamimi representing the Department of Quality Improvement and Accreditation at the University.
The two parties discussed the exchange of experiences and procedures for international credits (ACCM: Accreditation Commission for Colleges of medicine) and (WFME: World federation for Medical Education) presented by Professor Mohammed Al-Salem. The visit also included meetings at the Assistant Dean's Office for Student Affairs in the clinical years and Graduates, Assistant Dean's Office for Student Affairs in the basic -science years and examinations (Dr Nadir AL-Araidah), Assistant dean for Electronic Education (Dr Raed AL-Taher) and a meeting with heads of Curriculum Development Committee (Professor Yacoub Irshaid) and Scientific research Committee (Professor Amirah Al-Masri) . The delegation also toured the school’s laboratories, students’ scientific research office, Clinical skills lab.
The tour at the University hospital included meetings with Dr. Randa Farah at the Office of Continuing Medical Education and Dr. Amjad Bani Hani at the Quality Assurance Office to discuss the details of quality assurance procedures within the hospital.

A team from the University of Connecticut has visited the school of medicine on 12th. Of December, 2021as part of visiting the University of Jordan aiming evaluating the topics of Biorisk hazards and management that are taught in the syllabi that offered by the university school. 
During the visit the topics of Biorisk hazards and Management in courses offered by the school of medicine, were presented within their outline of the different courses, at undergraduate and graduate levels by the academic of the school.
It was emphasized that a need to take opportunity to expand the educational intended learning objectives to include additional material about this topic to all students at School of Medicine as well as dental, nursing and pharmacy students including  application of biosafety standards during practice at the university and the hospital and laboratories . In addition to the graduate students: Master’s degree in laboratory sciences, as well as residents in the higher specialty certificates program in pathology and medical laboratory and immunology.
It was suggested to expand some topics to be included in the related syllabi within undergraduate and graduates’ levels. There implementation will be reviewed continually by the two teams.
The support of the visiting team from the University of Connecticut and the participants from school of Medicine departments was appreciated by the two parties.
A delegation from School of Medicine at Wayne State University from the United States of America visited our School of Medicine, accompanied by a delegation from the King Hussein Cancer Center, on 29/9/2021. This meeting was continued at with the President of the University of Jordan at his office.
The results of the visit were fruitful, and it was agreed to take the following measures:
1- Exchange of student’s program, where two sixth-year medical students per month, from the school of Medicine at the University of Jordan, will be allowed to spend elective course at Wayne State University.
2- Formation of joint research groups
3- Holding joint seminars and conference
4- Implementation of a fellowship program in the field of infectious diseases (in cooperation between the King Hussein Cancer center, the University of Jordan and Wayne State University.
5- Study the possibility for graduate students in master’s programs at the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan, to study Scientific research methodology that is Usually offered by Wayne State University
6- Signing a memorandum of Understanding to cover  what has been agreed upon

​On Saturday, 25/9/2021, the university of Jordan hosten the 19th national general assembly that is organized by the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) , under the support of the school of medicine.
The theme of this NGA was "Human rights" where this event tabled the importance of this topic from different angles such as the Mental health of the refugees and delivering medical assistance to the refugees.

The school of medicine representative  Dr. Fida  Thekrallah  the Dean's Assistant for graduates and Student in clinical departments has highlighted the importance of this topic and encouraged the medical students to get more involved in voluntary work to try and help the community as the faculty has always supported IFMSA activities and voluntary work in it's various forms.
Around 300 students from different universities around Jordan attended the event,  in addition to the main speaker about this topic, Dr. Omar Zaatreh from the UN, IFMSA-Jo president Dr. Faris Abbadi, IFMSA-Jo university of Jordan president Mr. Ahmad Assad


Aya Masadeh is a medical student currently completing her final year at university of Jordan. She has a profound passion for the arts. Aya practices ballet and contemporary dance at the National Centre for Cultural Arts. She ensures spending any spare time in-front of a canvas with a blade at hand. She was selected to be the local artist of the month at Bluefig during the month of September 2021. Thus hosting her first formal gallery under the title “simplify”. The intention behind the theme “simplify” chosen for this exhibition is to translate common human emotions into simple brush strokes thus establishing a sense of unity among the people. Where even-though different individuals may experience certain emotions in varying intensities, everyone can relate to the core feeling. Hence, the titles chosen for every art piece maybe taken literally or maybe interpreted based on a more personal experience and accordingly grasped as a primary emotion


The School of Medicine - The University of Jordan congratulates the sixth year medical student Abdul Rahman Al-Masatfa for winning the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics as the first Arab player to win a medal in karate


Among the academic and scientific activities held at the  School of Medicine, on Sunday the 25th of April 2021, specialized committees of the School of Medicine faculty members discussed the scientific research projects of sixth-year medical students which is a requirement for their graduation through the Microsoft teams application. The participating students displayed their research with the various committees which evaluate the presentation and research of each research work.The discussions will continue for a whole week until Thursday the 29th of April.
It should be noted that the total number of research papers submitted are 133 which were supervised by members the School of Medicine and doctors from outside the University of Jordan.
These projects are a unique experience for every graduate student that will broaden their horizons in the field of scientific research.​


​On 3/18/2021, students from clinical years conducted a workshop at the School of Medicine - University of Jordan to train their colleagues on administering COVID-19 vaccines to citizens.
It should be noted that the students who trained their colleagues had received intensive training from the Ministry of Health and Crisis Management Center staff in several training workshops and participated in the vaccination service of nearly two thousand citizens who visited the University of Jordan vaccination center over a period of three days.


 As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Crisis Management Center in cooperation with the educational institutions, the Ministry of Higher Education, and the University of Jordan School of Medicine, to battle the coronavirus pandemic, a group of medical students has been formed to volunteer in the vaccination campaign against the Covid-19 virus in response to the call of homeland and duty.
  The volunteer group of clinical  students participated in the training workshop which was held on Sunday 3/7/2021 on the campus of the University of Jordan.
 The President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah, accompanied by the Dean of the School of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Yasser Al-Rayyan, performed an inspection tour of the vaccination center in the university's sports hall to ensure that the progress of the procedures and arrangements are working smoothy, and that general safety measures at the center are applied.

A research team at the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan has conducted seven studies related to the current COVID-19 pandemic during the past ten months.
This research team is led by Prof. Dr. Azmi Mahafaza, a Professor of Virology and Immunology at the School of Medicine and a Consultant in Laboratory Medicine at Jordan University Hospital.
Among these studies, a research published in Heliyon journal last January investigated the early mutations that emerged in the spike gene region of SARS coronavirus 2, and the widespread spread of the D614G mutation, which has become prevalent in the Middle East and North Africa since April 2020. This mutation linked to higher transmissibility was found to be predominant in Jordan as well
As for the second study, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Pathogens, it showed that the rapidly spreading UK variant of SARS-CoV-2 had been present in Jordan since the end of November 2020, and that two Jordanian strains had caused most of the cases that accompanied the first wave of the epidemic in Jordan, in addition to the presence of 19 strains of the virus has caused disease in the country since the beginning of the epidemic.
Other studies that were carried out by the research team dealt with the negative impact of believing in conspiracy theories and misinformation in relation to higher levels of anxiety among students of the University of Jordan and among the population in Jordan in general. The results of these studies were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (PLOS ONE and the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health).
The study among the general public in Jordan revealed that about 48% of the general population in Jordan believed that the epidemic was part of a global conspiracy, and such sub-population had higher rates of anxiety compared to the group that believed that the source of the epidemic was natural.
A recent study published in the journal (Vaccines) found that the hesitation regarding taking coronavirus vaccines in the Arab region, specifically in Jordan and Kuwait, was among the highest in the world, and a scientific review was followed by the publication in the same journal that confirmed this low rate of vaccine acceptance in Jordan, and the first study showed that the reliance on social media to gain knowledge about the vaccine has been linked to greater rejection of these vaccines.
The research team that conducted the previous studies included Prof. Faris Al-Bakri, a Consultant of Infectious Diseases at Jordan University Hospital and the director of the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at the University of Jordan, and Dr. Malik Salam, the principal investigator, an Assistant Professor in Clinical Virology, and a Consultant in Laboratory Medicine at Jordan University Hospital.
These studies also involved a collaboration by the Cell Therapy Center (CTC) and the Schools of Pharmacy and Sciences in UJ, in addition to the participation of students from the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Jordan.


Top graduates among the school of medicine, class of 2020 were honored and recieved appreciation certificates and shields yesterday by the Dean of the School of Medicine; Prof. Islam Massad. Wishing them success in their future careers.


​University of Jordan News - Fadia Al-Otaibi - ACGME team visited the School of Medicine at the University of Jordan, to see the academic programs that they offer, in preparation for American accreditation in higher specialization programs.

The dean of the School, Prof. Islam Massad, said that the delegation’s visit came at the invitation of the dean to find out the mechanisms that the college pursues in teaching and training students of high specialization in medicine, noting that the delegation conducted an evaluation on the scientific method used in teaching, the work environment, and acquired skills, and also provides educational resources.

He added that the visit and its results will constitute a road map for the school to improve the quality of education and training in it and achieve its goal and obtain accreditation, stressing that the college and the efforts of its academic and administrative staff have never hesitated to seek and compete in recording any scientific precedent added to its balance, noting it transcends the dread barrier that separates it from reaching any advanced rank in the global ladder.

Massad emphasized that the college has achieved fingerprints and scientific achievements until it was distinguished, most notably its permanent access to local accreditation at the local level, and its graduates obtaining the best results in university proficiency exams and foreign exams, indicating its uniqueness as the first school outside the United States of America to obtain international accreditation (ACCM) accredited From the World Medical Education Organization (WFME).

During the visit, the group, accompanied by the Vice Dean for School's Affairs, Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Manar Al Lawama, on the various facilities of the college and university hospital departments, where a number of meetings were held with the hospital administration, faculty members and students, to acquaint them with the purpose of their visit and see the latest developments in the field Reliability.

The visit ended with the meeting of the university president, Prof. Abdel Karim Al-Qudah, and the delegation of accreditation, in the presence of Massad and Al-Lawama, and Dr. Israa Al-Zaghoul from the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center at the university, during which the judges welcomed the delegation, stressing that the School of Medicine will always continue the path of progress that it started according to the foundations Correct and thoughtful.

The visiting group praised the college’s ambitions and the position it assumed after it had made great strides in the process of achievement and excellence, expressing optimism in achieving the reliability.

In turn, the delegation expressed its preliminary remarks and it came positive about the reality of the college and its academic programs, praising the advanced level it has reached among its counterparts and the quality and efficiency of educational programs in it, and appreciated the cooperation of its cadres in providing everything necessary to facilitate their mission during the visit.

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